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Blissful Bhutan

Bhutan the place of mountains

Blissful Bhutan


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About The Tour

General Details

Starting point: Paro

Ending point: Paro

No. of Adults: 5

Kids: 0

VIP Inclusion: Yes

Package Type: Double/Twin Sharing

Valid Upto: 2019-08-24


All taxes inclusive

Meet & Greet services by our local representative at the airport.

Sightseeing as per the itinerary.

Airport transfers at all the places mentioned in the itinerary.

Breakfast & Dinner as per the itinerary.

Entrance Fees to monuments and a Guide during the Tour.



Travel insurance.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 Paro Arrival

    Fly to Paro, Transfer to Thimphu (2300m – 3 hours). Arrival at Paro at different times & since this is the first day of the tour, there are no other activities planned except for arrival at Paro and transfer to your hotel. The tiny town of Paro is bursting with color and tradition overlooked by a dramatic dzong. Here you see one of Bhutan's most impressive dzongs known for its classic Bhutanese architecture. overnight at hotel.

  • Day : 2 Haa District

    Day excursion to Haa Valley (04-05 hrs). This valley remains one of Bhutan’s most pristine regions. At the Chuzom confluence, the road ascends the dramatic Wang Chu valley where there is time to view the Dobji Dzong and if time permits, hike around its high ramparts. Here you will see the impressive chorten marks of Haa Wangchuklo Dzong. And also explore the large square structure with battered (inward-sloping) walls. Overnight at Hotel.

  • Day : 3 Thimpu

    Thimphu lies in a wooded valley, sprawling up a hillside on the west bank of the Thimphu River. Today you will also visit The Tango Goemba, which is the highest center of Buddhist learning in the country. Here you can see a curved building, the white walls had wooden windows sticking out of the walls. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day : 4 Thimpu Sightseeing

    This day visits the Tag Dzong and watches tower for Rinpung Dzong. You can see the Trashichho dzong houses the secretariat, throne room, and offices of the King of Bhutan. overnight at hotel.

  • Day : 5 Wangdi Phodrang

    Afternoon drive to Wangdi Phodrang (70 KMS / 03 HRS, 1350Mts / 4430Fts) the last town on the highway before entering central Bhutan. Today arrive at Royal So­ciety for Protection of Nature’s (RSPN) Black-Necked Crane Information Centre. At this tour, you will see the beautiful Black-Necked Cranes and also informative displays about the cranes and the valley environment. Here at this tour, you will do lots of fun like, you can browse the library and handicraft shop, and watch videos at 10 am and 3 pm. Overnight at Hotel.

  • Day : 6 Bumthang Sightseeing

    Start the sightseeing tour with the drive to Jambay Lhakhang, visit the 'castle of the white bird'. At this tour, you will see its picturesque location overlooking the Chokhor valley and then continue the walk through the farmland to swiss farm area. At this point, your vehicle will meet you and transfer to the hotel for lunch. After that day at leisure. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Day : 7 Bumthang – Mongar

    Today will be the longest drive almost 8/9 hours to Mongar winding through more rugged terrain. Today here you visit goenkhang (chapel dedicated to protective deities) and a Sangay Lhakhang. At this beautiful tour, you see the beautiful architecture of the Mongar Dzong. You can also see the administrative courtyard and new assembly hall for the 60 resident monks. Rest of the day at leisure. Overnight at Hotel.

  • Day : 8 Mongar – Trashigang

    The road from Mongar to Trashigang begins through lush forests and ferns passing over Kori la pass. Descend rapidly through corn fields and banana grooves passing Yedi village. Follow the Gamri river until the bifurcation to Drametsi perched atop a steep hill. It is also famous for the dance called Drametsi Nga cham (Drum dance). Trashigang lies 30 kilometers from the junction and lies on top of a steep hill. This district is the biggest and most populated in the Kingdom. The Dzong built strategically on the spur going out towards the Gamri Chu river. At this tour, you will also see fantastical large black rock behind gompa. Overnight at Hotel

  • Day : 9 Departure

    Drive back to Paro for nearby sightseeing. Where you see the Dumtse Lhakhang which is a Buddhist temple known for its unique design. Here you see It consists of three floors represent hell, earth and heaven, and hold some of the finest murals. After that, you will be transfer to airport. Fly back to home.

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