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About The Tour

General Details

Starting point: Beijing

Ending point: Xi'an

No. of Adults: 2

Kids: 0

VIP Inclusion: Yes

Package Type: Double/Twin Sharing

Valid Upto: 2019-10-30


Daily Breakfast

Airport pick up/ Drop off to hotel and vice versa

Private English-speaking guide

5 night accommodation in 4 star hotel

Sightseeing and transfers as per itinerary


Personal expenses

International airfares

Visa fees

Tips or gratuities for guides and drivers

Supplement for guides other than English

Flight transfer from Beijing to Xian

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 Arrival

    Arrive the capital city of China. You will be met by our representative at the airport and transferred to the Hotel. Check-in at the Hotel and rest for some time. After that, you will visit the Great Wall of China. Explore the World Heritage- listed Great Wall of China and the Ming Tombs. You can see the one of the best­preserved parts of this colossal structure­ Badaling section of the Great Wall and Chang Ling tomb. Overnight in Beijing.

  • Day : 2 Beijing

    After breakfast, you will proceed to full day city tour of Beijing. You can see the famous attraction such as The Summer palace, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. A short walk around the Qianmen street and Liulichang Street past the National Theatre to see the traditional Hutongs alleys in China. Overnight in Beijing.

  • Day : 3 Beijing

    After breakfast, you will enjoy a day trip from Beijing to Chuandixia Village, a Ming Dynasty settlement known for its courtyard homes. A short walk along the stone­paved lanes and meander through orchards and vegetable fields. You can see the rural countryside and enjoy a delicious lunch. Overnight in Beijing.

  • Day : 4 Beijing-Xian

    After breakfast, Check out and proceed for transfer to Airport for your flight to Xi'an. Our tour guide will meet you at the airport and then will transfer you to the hotel. Check-in at the Hotel and rest for some time. After that, you will visit the Bell and Drum Tower. Overnight in Xi'an.

  • Day : 5 Xian

    After breakfast, you will proceed to Terracotta Warriors Essential Full-Day Tour. Here you can see around more than 7,000 life­sized terracotta figures and horses buried. After a delicious Chinese style lunch, head to the Banpo ruins. Overnight in Xi'an.

  • Day : 6 Departure

    After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back home.

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